Award Winning Paraíba Tourmaline & Diamond Pendant

Platinum pendant featuring a 5.44 carat cushion Paraíba tourmaline cabochon accented by a 0.36 carat round Paraíba tourmaline cabochon, 3.15 carat total weight of oval Paraíba tourmaline cabochons, and 2.10 carat total weight of round diamonds.

2022 AGTA Spectrum Awards Platinum Honors - Business/Day Wear 


Design Details

Paraíba Tourmaline & Diamond Pendant
1 Paraíba Tourmaline Cushion Cabochon 5.44 ct. (11.91x9.81x5.73mm) - Heated
1 Paraíba Tourmaline Rd Cabochon 0.36 ct. (4.15mm) - Heated
12 Paraíba Tourmaline Oval Cabochon 3.15 ctw. (4.00x3.00mm) - Heated
28 Diamond Rd 2.10 ctw. (E-F/VS+)
On 18" Platinum Paraíba & Diamond Color By The Yard Chain

Unique Design Traits

Incredibly rare and well saturated center stone, due to rarity of copper-bearing tourmaline inclusions can be expected, but stone still displays fine clarity and brilliance.

Unique hand-made alternating Paraíba tourmaline and diamond color by the yard elevates this already stunning design.

A large diamond halo highlights the dramatic nature of this stunning piece.

Gemstone Details

Paraíba Tourmaline

Neon blue copper-bearing tourmaline was discovered in the hills of the Brazilian state of Paraíba, in the late 1980's. Various gemological laboratories performed testing on the new material and discovered that it was a natural elbaite tourmaline. Elbaite is generally achromatic, which means the crystals are colorless unless there are trace elements present in the chemical formula. In the case of Paraíba tourmaline, the crystals contain trace amounts of copper, which give the gemstones their unique and vibrant color and the reference of cuprian, which stands for copper-bearing. This variety of tourmaline was officially named "Paraíba tourmaline" after the state in Brazil in which it was discovered.

Their rarity is unmatched, as there is only one Paraíba tourmaline mined in Brazil for every 10,000 diamonds, and a fine quality Paraíba over three carats is virtually unheard of. A point to keep in mind is that copper bearing tourmalines have been mined in Mozambique, Nigeria and other localities, however, they are referred to as Paraíba-type tourmalines, because a true Paraíba tourmaline can only come from Brazil, making it all the more rare.

Color is perhaps the most important variable when comparing these stones, all other things being equal. Inclusions are to be expected and forgiven when judging fine stones, as long as saturation of color and brightness remain strong. Nearly every other shade of tourmaline is found in Brazil, however none has the vivid glow that distinguishes the Paraíba tourmaline. Colors ranging from bright turquoise to majestic blue-green to “windex” blue, it’s the incandescent glow that appears to light up the stone from within that makes Paraíba tourmalines incomparable to any other gemstone.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October and the gift for the eighth wedding anniversary.