Aquamarine & Spinel Earrings

Platinum earrings featuring 11.99 carat total weight of pear-shape aquamarines accented by 2.61 carat total weight of pear-shape pink spinels.


Design Details

Aquamarine & Pink Spinel Earrings
2 Aquamarine P/S 11.99 ctw. (18x10mm) - Heated
2 Pink Spinel P/S 2.61 ctw. (8.6x6.0mm) - Natural

Unique Design Traits

Brilliant and bright aquamarine with excellent saturation perfectly paired with pink spinels for an added pop of color.

Whimsical shape emphasizes the blue center stones.

Gemstone Details


The very name aquamarine brings to mind the clear blue waters of the sea. Unsurprisingly, since its name derives from the Latin words aqua marina for "water of the sea," the Greeks and Romans considered aquamarine the sailor’s gem, believing it would ensure safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas.  

It is the blue member of the beryl mineral family, which also includes emeralds, morganite and heliodor. With a 7.5 to 8.0 hardness on the Mohs scale, aquamarine is a durable gemstone that has featured in jewelry designs for hundreds of years. Often found in large clean crystals, it can be readily found and purchased in larger carat sizes relative to some other gemstones.  

Many aquamarines are greenish when mined and cut. For those who prefer a purer blue, these gemstones are heated to enhance their blue color permanently. Some prefer the greenish hues, saying the greener tones remind them more of the sea. The color tones of aquamarine are subtle and varied. Their soft luster is a wonderful addition to any natural colored gemstone jewelry collection.  

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and gift for the 19th wedding anniversary.  


Centuries ago, in Sanskrit writings, spinel was called the daughter of ruby, adored, yet somehow different. The Crown Jewels of Great Britain are graced with spinels and have resided in the regalia of kingdoms throughout history. 
Found in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka and East Africa, spinel comes in a variety of colors including oranges, pinks, blues, lavenders, mauves and vivid reds. While common in sizes up to two carats, larger gemstones can also be acquired. 
Spinel is thought to protect the owner from harm, to reconcile differences, and to soothe away sadness. However, the strongest reasons for buying a spinel are its rich, brilliant array of colors and its surprising affordability. 
One of the most under-appreciated gemstones, spinel is coveted by collectors and gemologists for its range of hues and spectacular optical properties. Spinel was recently added as an official birthstone for August, raising its exposure to new heights. Recognized and prized for its hardness, brilliance, and unlike many other gem types, spinel is rarely treated or enhanced in any way. Many believe the name spinel comes from the Greek word for ’spark’. This name suits spinel well since it is a singularly refractive stone and is formed with cubic crystals similar to diamond, which gives this gemstone remarkable brilliance and fire. 
Spinel is the birthstone for August and gift for the 22nd wedding anniversary.